Hospital CECANOT

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CECANOT is “dominicanamente” talking, medical excellence and hospital management.

“The Centre Cardio-Neuro-Ophthalmology and Transplantation is an example of public medicine in the Dominican Republic,” said Dr. Carlos Garcia Lithgow, Head of Hemodynamics. “I wish you could reply in private centers.”

It is a self-managed hospital, which generates its own resources by selling services to the ARS, because all you have in medical equipment, which is no different in quality or technological advancement US or Russia, it is expensive. Very expensive.

His patients usually have health insurance. Of the income received by the ARS billing, public hospital needs are covered and elsewhere is intended to incentives to medical and paramedical staff. So, who else works, receives more incentives.

DICOM Factory
Production: Yael Mejia Lopez and Manuel Santana Alberty
Camera: Yensi Rodriguez and Ramy Star
Photography Felix Lara
Edition: Howell Almanzar
Animation: Elvin Lara

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